Meet the team

Averil Foster


Over 17 years’ experience in family law

Averil’s clients will tell you she is honest, clear, clever, responsive, strategic, focused on solutions and that she has a dry sense of humour. 

Averil’s colleagues say she is kind, loud, hard-working, practical, level-headed, innovative, community-minded, sometimes demanding and fun. 

Averil’s friends know her to be loyal, caring, reliable, a bit funny, a good parent, an excellent ocean swimmer and a keen golfer.

Brooke Johnson


Over 12 years’ experience in family law

Brooke’s clients will tell you she is empathetic, calm, methodical, pragmatic and incredibly skilled at reducing conflict yet fierce (when required).

Brooke’s colleagues say she is compassionate and caring, thoughtful, wears her heart on her sleeve, chic but daggy and driven.

Brooke’s friends know her to be loyal, kind, patient, selfless, non-judgmental, a good parent and a sun-loving-horse-riding-wakeboarding-country-music-tragic.

Courtney Mullen


Over 12 years’ experience in family law

Courtney’s clients will tell you she is understanding, a clear communicator, considered, supportive, reassuring, unflappable and organised.

Courtney’s colleagues say she is motivated, diligent, incredibly put together, social, innovative, helpful, encouraging and hangry by 11:30am.

Courtney’s friends know her to be reliable, consistent, fun-loving, thoughtful, a good parent, bad with dating advice and a binge-watcher of reality TV.

Lauren Callahan


Over 10 years’ experience in family law

Lauren’s clients will tell you she is empathetic, practical, settlement-focussed, understanding, knowledgeable and insightful.

Lauren’s colleagues say she is delightful, entertaining, stylish, enthusiastic, approachable, respectful and that she has the worst ergononmic set up in the whole office.

Lauren’s friends know her to be smart, vivacious, outgoing, funny, quirky, a skilled make-up artist, dedicated to her pet cockatiels (Tony and Moira) and hopelessly into Eurovision.

Gemma White


3 years’ of experience in family law and over 8 years’ experience in other fields

Gemma’s clients will tell you she is bright, engaged, compassionate, organised, technical and clever, calming and dedicated.

Gemma’s colleagues say she is wise, warm, community-focussed, meticulous, enthusiastic and that she has the voice of an angel and the capacity to drink tea like it’s no one’s business.

Gemma’s friends know her to be loyal, a free spirit, spontaneous, open and honest, kind, genuine, rational and logical, an avid reader of all genres and a Yogi.

Rebecca Jaffe


Over 1  year of experience in family law and 4 years’ experience in other fields 

Rebecca’s clients will tell you that she is compassionate, attentive, a pragmatic problem solver and a determined advocate for child-focused outcomes.

Rebecca’s colleagues say she is thoughtful, hardworking, meticulously organised, unfailingly positive and very easily persuaded to buy a sweet treat at any hour of the work-day.

Rebecca’s friends know her to be kind, passionate, funny (but not as funny as she thinks) and generous in the time that she gives to others.

Caitlin Maher


Over 8 years’ experience in family law 

Caitlin’s colleagues say she is thoughtful, diligent, knowledgeable, entertaining, fit as a fiddle and loves a snack.

Clients will tell you Caitlin is helpful, friendly, patient, empathetic, non-judgemental, and can make them feel comforted when the going gets tough.

Caitlin’s friends will tell you her presence brightens a room. She is genuine, witty and unfailingly loyal with a dry sense of humour and an unbridled laugh.

“ Averil, Brooke and team - I can’t thank you enough, you have made such a huge difference in my life and the life of my girls, I will never forget that we are where we are due to your kindness, effort, and expertise. I hope you both never underestimate the incredible job you do. As a client I felt like you all genuinely cared for me and my family. ”

- Sam