Whether your situation is amicable or not, there are options. We specialise in collaborative law, mediation, negotiation and where necessary, engaging the Courts through litigation.

Collaborative Law

Collaboration is about cooperation not confrontation. It focusses on the parties’ individual and common interests, rather than legal rights. Collaboration encourages a separated couple to work together (with their lawyers) to find creative ways to achieve their goals and address their concerns. The process is founded upon mutual respect, transparency, and letting go of the past in order to focus on the future.

We have four collaboratively trained specialists, including Olivia Gesini who practises solely in this area. We are active members of the Canberra Collaborative Practice Group. Learn more about Collaboration here.

Other dispute resolution

We also specialise in mediation and negotiation. Mediation involves a meeting between parties, their lawyer and an independent mediator who assists the parties to reach an agreement about their family law issues.

Mediation is not the same as Collaboration. Collaboration involves signing a contract that says that neither party will take the other to Court. Mediation does not have such a contract and is focussed more on legal rights. Mediation, like all dispute resolution processes, requires compromise.

Negotiation is a process which we prefer to engage in face-to-face as much as possible. Family law is about people, not long letters and complicated legal jargon. We believe in the power of conversation. There can be a lot to be gained from simply ‘picking up the phone’.

Negotiation happens in all aspects of family law, whether you are Collaborating, mediating or litigating.

Litigation (aka Court)

For us, litigation is a process of last resort. However, if we litigate, we do it like we do everything else. With compassion and grit.

We pride ourselves on our team-based approach to litigation. You don’t just have one lawyer looking after your case. You often get the benefit of the “FoJo Brains Trust”. Behind the scenes, we develop your case strategy and have a thorough plan about how we will run your case. We are proactive not reactive.

Areas of expertise

Financial Agreements (pre-nuptial and post-separation)

Property settlements involving companies, trusts and SMSFs, as well as less complex ‘house and garden’ matters


Marriage, defacto and same-sex relationships

Spouse Maintenance

Child Support

Adoption and Surrogacy

Relocation - Local and International

Family Violence and Protection Orders

Parenting Arrangements

We will look after your family the way we look after our own.