Separation is hard enough. We solve problems, not create them.

Meet Foster Johnson

We are a team of experienced and specialised family lawyers known for being calm, honest and pragmatic. We are skilful in diffusing conflict.

Our focus is to help you resolve your family law matters without additional drama. With grit and compassion, we will help you through your situation.

Legal fees should not be an additional worry. We have a no surprises policy with fees agreed in advance. The benefit of reducing conflict is that you’re not in protracted, lengthy disputes.

Our extensive experience in the Courtroom has taught us that there are better ways to resolve issues that arise out of separation. This led to our specialisation in collaborative law.

Recognised for our level of excellence

Our history

In 1983 Michael Phelps and Margie Reid opened the doors to Phelps Reid Lawyers, quickly becoming one of Canberra’s most respected law firms. Since the opening Michael and Margie have remained highly regarded members of the Canberra legal community.

In 2009 Brooke Johnson joined Phelps Reid Lawyers followed by Averil Foster in 2017. By 2018 Brooke and Averil had won the respect and admiration of Michael and Margie with the baton being handed to them to continue the values and commitment of the original firm.

Michael and Margie are now officially retired (although they’re keeping their email addresses) but remain close advisors and friends to the next generation of Phelps Reid Lawyers – Foster Johnson Family and Collaborative Lawyers.

At the end of the day it's all about family.